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Statistics for Wiltshire are difficult to locate and the ones that are in the public domain are somewhat out of date, however, they do give an insight into prevalence. For the last set of published figures (2019-2020) it was clear that the number of adults dependent on drugs in Wiltshire was half of the average for the rest of England (0.88% of the population) at 0.44%: This is for crack cocaine and heroin use. In terms of population numbers this suggests that, at the time, there were 1,168 opioid users and 1,072 crack cocaine users in the county.

With regards to alcohol, during this period, there were 520 adults in active contact with local drug and alcohol services which translates to 1.2 per 1,000 adults (over 16). This was lower than the average for the South West of England.

While these figures are historical, when matched against figures for 2016-2017 they can be used as a barometer of changes in prevalence. In 2016-2017 there were an estimated 1,200 adults in active opioid addiction in the county with a further estimated 1,100 adults dependent on crack cocaine. This would have been 2.9 adults per 1,000 (over 16’s) for opioids and 2.7 per 1,000 for crack cocaine (also over 16’s). Thus the number of opioid dependent adults fell from previous years with only a very small increase in the number dependent on crack cocaine. These figures are lower than the average for the South West of England and England as a whole.

The office for national statistics report that there were 18 deaths related to drug poisoning in the county in 2022. This was a reduction of 4 from 2021 when the figure was 22. The figures relate to a death attributed by a coroner to have been caused by drug use/dependents as well as fatal accidents, suicides and complications involving drugs.

Local statutory drug and alcohol services are provided by:

Email: connectreferrals@turning-point.co.uk

Web: turning-point.co.uk/services/connect-Wiltshire

Tel: 0300 5550 157

Connect Wiltshire
Rothermere House, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, BA14 8JQ

Connect Wiltshire
Cheviot House, 69 – 73 Castle Street, Salisbury, SP1 3SP

For private/fee paying clients accessing treatment in Wiltshire is quite straightforward to arrange. Where required, and clinically appropriate (depending on availability) same day admission can be arranged. The large clinic chains and referral agents will tell you that there are numerous private centres in Wiltshire . This simply is not true. By using postbox addresses and serviced office mail services they purport to have centres in every town, hamlet and postcode in the country. Often, and without permission, they use imagery from centres they do not own, which has led to complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). They do this simply because they want you to call them.

There are centers close to Wiltshire , both low cost and high end. Paul can advise you on cost, location, availability and treatment options.


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