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G is the name given to the drugs GHB (Gamma hydroxybutyrate) and GBL (gamma butyrolactone). Sometimes they are also known as Liquid ectasy, Liquid E, Gina, or simply:G.

It is an oily, yet odorless liquid which, when taken, has a slightly salty taste. Most commonly, it is sold in small bottles and capsules. When taken, the effects come on within around fifteen to twenty minutes and can last up to three, or even four, hours.

GHB is an odorless, oily liquid, with a slightly salty taste, usually sold in small bottles or capsules. The effects usually occur within 15-20 minutes and last up to 3-4 hours. Essentially, it is a chemical liquid with both a chemical smell and taste. GBL is what is known as a precursor to GBH, meaning that if GBL is taken, it is converted into GBH after swallowing it. GBL works quicker, is far more potent so less needs to be taken to have the same effect.

G is normally swallowed in liquid form so is commonly taken in a drink. It can also be injected, snorted or inhaled. Mixing it with alcohol is particularly dangerous.

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The Risks

Sadly, it is incredibly easy to overdose on G. This is because there is very little difference (less than one millionth of a litre) between a dose that enables someone to feel high and one that makes them sedated which can lead to death. When mixed with alcohol, the risk of becoming unconscious increases and the time it takes for G to take effect increases, making it incredibly difficult to calculate safe dosing intervals. A number of deaths have been caused by G, either from overdose or from withdrawal.


Mixing G

Mixing G with other drugs, especially those which are also Central Nervous System:

Using G with other depressant drugs, such as alcohol, benzodiazepines and ketamine can increase the risk of going under and stopping breathing. In some cases, people might be hospitalized after using G.

G is addictive and dependence can develop quickly. Dependence mean people will develop withdrawal symptoms on stopping use, which can be severe and life-threatening.

The sedative properties of G can leave a person incoherent or comatose. People around you may take advantage of this to have sex with you without your consent.

Concept of pouring GHB into a glass with powder from a capsule

Free Rehab Advice

Free Rehab Advice exists to provide free and independent advice to those seeking admission to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. 

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How can someone dependent on G be helped in rehab?

As with all those seeking treatment in rehab, the 1st step is a thorough assessment with a medical professional who can assess, diagnose and draw up a comprehensive treatment plan. In cases of GHB/GBL this will, ordinarily, use benzodiazepines and or adjunctive medications such as Baclofen. This is augmented with a 12 step or SMART based recovery programme and effective discharge planning and aftercare. ​ Attempting to stop, on your own, is never advisable. Sudden cessation of G can be fatal and is unnecessary. Admission to a CQC registered centre, with the appropriate medical and psychological intervention can give the user the bridge to abstinence they deserve. ​ Admission is available: Seven days a week: Sometimes the same day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unsurprisingly, we get asked a lot of questions, to make things easier for you, we have included some of the most common one below.

  • What happens when someone goes into withdrawal from G?

    The onset can start as soon as one to two hours after the last dose, and can progress: rapidly. Withdrawal can last up to twelve days. With mild withdrawal the following are common:



    Lack of sleep


    High blood pressure

    Severe symptoms are:



    Severe confusion





    Anyone who has taken G for more than seven days must not attempt to stop and must seek residential rehab: as a matter of urgency.

    If you are not able to access rehab immediately, there are some safety measures you can take to keep yourself safe until admission:

    Prepare your own G, by using a pipette. Never swig from a bottle.

    Never allow anyone else to dose you

    Use as low as dose as possible and wait until it take effect and, at least, three hours before the next dose.

    Never mix different supplies of G

    Only take it in liquid form by swallowing it

    Loved one should do the following in an emergency:

    Place them in the recovery position

    Call 999 and ask for an ambulance

    Do not give them any more G

    Stay with them until the ambulance arrives

    Tell the ambulance crew what they have taken and, if possible, give them the bottle of G.

  • Is G illegal?

    GHB and GBL are both Class B drugs – but GBL is available for legitimate use in industry. However, if someone supplies or possesses them knowing or believing that they will be swallowed and ingested, they are committing an offence.

    Possession of G can get you up to two years in prison and/or an unlimited fine.

    Supplying someone else, even your friends, can get you fourteen years in jail and/or an unlimited fine.

    Mixing G with other drugs that are also central nervous system depressant drugs will, significantly, raise risk of fatality. It is not uncommon for people to be hospitalised because of using G. It is a highly addictive drug and dependence can develop quickly. This means that, if taken regularly and the person stops taking it suddenly, withdrawals can occur. As with Alcohol, this can be severe and life threatening. It can also be fatal. The sedative

    G is addictive and dependence can develop quickly. Dependence means people will develop withdrawal symptoms on stopping use, which can be severe and life-threatening. The other problem is that G can leave a person both incoherent and comatose. This can lead to others taking advantage and unwanted sexual advances or acts.

    While G is available in industry for legitimate use, possession by an individual is illegal and can lead to a prison sentence of two years and, or an unlimited fine. Supplying someone else with G can get you up to fourteen years in prison and/or a limitless fine.

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