Free advice from a clinician on SMART alcohol recovery.

One of the aspects of SMART is the use of motivational interviewing. This is a technique where people are encouraged to discuss their issues so that they can resolve inner conflicts and reach their own conclusions. Traditionally, motivational interviewing has four main vital skill requisites:

SMART Questions Asked

Unsurprisingly, we get asked a lot of questions, to make things easier for you, we have included some of the most common one below.

  • What is SMART recovery?

    Smart is a recovery based approach that seeks to build on an an individuals innate strengths. It is a science based approach, rather than one centered on spirituality. It has a core belief of self-empowerment as well as cognitive behavioral techniques to assist with cravings.

  • What is the focus?

    SMART explores the underlying reasons as to why someone is reliant on alcohol/drugs by

    * building motivation

    * coping with urges

    * problem solving

    * lifestyle balance

    What are the core beliefs of the approach?

    SMART believes that:

    * people make a conscious choice to engage in addictive behaviors and thus can also make a decision to stop.

    * behaviors do not define people and thus terms like addict and alcoholic are not used as this is seen as stigmatizing

    * those who seek to recover are given the power to do so from a mental tool kit of methods that are demonstrated, both at meetings and in the literature and at online meetings.

    It is also a philosophy of SMART that there is no one clear avenue to recovery and that other approaches are also useful and that, once someone has regained their health and is in a positive place in their life they can move on and tackle other goals or volunteer as a trained meetings facilitator.

    There are four main aims of the SMART programme:

    * Building and maintaining motivation

    * Coping with urges

    * Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors

    * Living a balanced life

  • How do the meetings run?

    SMART is about teaching people to rely on themselves thus the emphasis is on discussion rather than on a share premise.

  • How does this work in a treatment centre?

    Some centers use a 12 step approach, some use a SMART approach and some, an eclectic mix. It really does not matter which approach someone uses: The most important thing is that they recognize they need help and accepts it. 12 steps has helped millions of people, across the world over the past ninety years. SMART is a newer approach that  is also helping people turn their lives around.

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