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Free Rehab Advice exists to provide free and independent advice to those seeking admission to drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in the UK, and abroad.

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Free Rehab Advice exists to provide free and independent advice to those seeking admission to drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in the UK, and abroad. It is independently owned by a nurse prescriber, in the field of drug and alcohol dependency, who has worked, both in centres and as a referral agent for two of the country’s leading referral agencies.

It is not connected to any individual centre or company. Callers are assured of total confidentiality as they will be speaking to a registered healthcare professional (Prescribing nurse specialist in drug and alcohol dependency).

There is no such thing as a "silly" question. Entering a private drug and alcohol centre is a bold step and treatment decisions need to be made rationally, calmly, and independently.

This is a local free and impartial advice service, run by a clinician in the field. It is designed to assist those seeking advice and/or treatment for drug and alcohol dependency. Our clinician, at no expense to yourself, can not only find you the most cost effective and nearest centre to you, but can also make a referral for you: There is no charge for this service.

Paul also works with a consultant psychiatrist for those patients suitable for detox at home as well as a team of experienced drug and alcohol focused therapists. If necessary, a full home package of treatment can be arranged.

Paul has been in the field of drug and alcohol dependency (Independent nurse prescriber) for 28 years and has worked, both in drug and alcohol rehab centres, and for two of the country’s leading referral agencies. As such, he can advise if treatment is needed, where to go, the cost and what to expect.

Paul can advise on how long a treatment episode is needed and the most appropriate centre to go to.

He can discuss all aspects of dependency and treatments available. Whatever the substance you or your loved one is dependent on, Paul can give you the advice you need. This is a free advice line. You may just have a question or need some support: it matters not.

If you are seeking admission, Paul can assist you to find the right Centre for you, at a cost you can afford in a location that it convenient to you.

Unlike other services, that are tied to specific centres or are simply there to generate commissions, Paul is a clinician who has worked: both in the centres and as a referral agent.

He can assist callers with his knowledge of the sector to provide the very best advice.

Private drug and alcohol rehabilitation can sometimes be provided through health insurance. Paul will be able to advise you on which centres can accommodate insurance and the procedures involved. He can also advise you on statutory services or on private services overseas, especially Greece and Spain.

Before entering treatment there may be a hundred questions that you have. As such there is a very extensive FAQ section on the site, but please feel free to contact us, at any time, to ask anything you need to.

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Paul Vogler

Paul Vogler Nurse (Independent) Prescriber in drug and alcohol services

I am nurse (independent) prescriber in drug and alcohol services. Having graduated from Middlesex University in 1995 (mental health nursing) and the University of Hertfordshire (Independent prescribing) in 2017. My work experience includes NHS services, private clinics, prisons and referral services.

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