For impartial confidential and free advice on addiction detox rehab and treatment in Stirling call and speak to Paul. As an addictions clinician he has three decades of direct clinical experience in the private rehab sector.

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In 2023 , the number of deaths, recorded by a coroner in Scotland being attributed to illicit drugs, reduced by 50% in two years (2021-2023)  2022 had the lowest number of drug deaths since 2017 with 1,051fatalities. This was a significant reduction from 1,330 in 2021. 

For Stirling, there was a reduction in drug deaths from 16 to 14 in 2022. This was a reduction of more than half from 2020 when the figure was 31.  As has been recorded for other areas of Scotland, the most common cause of deaths in Stirling  has been for poly substance dependency (dependency on more than one drug, usually up to six different ones).  Also, in common with the rest of Scotland, deaths from illicit “street” benzodiazepines is also of serious concern with eight adults having their deaths recorded as being attributed to these items. 

During 2020-2021 there were 510 alcohol related hospital admissions in Stirling. This is lower than the average for Scotland. 

Statutory drug and alcohol services in Stirling are provided by NHS Forth Valley

Substance Use Service
St Ninians Health Centre
Mayfield St
Stirling FK7 0BS
Phone: 01786 468282


Private drug and alcohol rehab centres are available. If it is appropriate, and depending on availability, same day admission can be arranged. While England is well served by private centres, Scotland is not so well covered. Treatment costs can be more costly in Scotland than in England, even when taking transport, to and from, into account.  

Rehab centre chains and referral websites will try and make out that they have centres all over Scotland, the simple fact is: They do not. Sure, they will advertise locations using post box addresses and serviced office reception services, often using images of other companies centres (without permission) but this is simply to get you to pick up the phone. 

Paul, on top of his three decades of clinical experience in the field of addiction treatment, has spent the last few years working in, and around, private centres and has referred hundreds of patients as well as assessing and prescribing patients on admission into treatment. 

His advice is free, confidential and wholly impartial. He can advise on treatment options, costs and availability/location. 

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