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For the financial year period 2020-2021 there was a total of 1,446 adults, in Plymouth, who were engaged in treatment plans with the local statutory drug and alcohol services. Of this cohort, 86% were aged between 30 and 59 years of age. This was nominally higher than that for England at 80%.  During this reporting period 33% of adults in treatment in Plymouth for a combination of alcohol and non-opioid drug dependence were women. 

The last set of figures for opioid dependency in Plymouth pre-date these (2016-2017) where it was estimated that there were 2,059 users in Plymouth (adults aged between 15-64). This translates to 12% of the adult population per 1,000 adults. This was higher than the average for England which stood at 7.4% yet crack use was lower than the average for England (5.1% per 1,000 adults) at 3.9 per 1,000. Crack remained the most commonly used illegal drug during 2020-2021 for those whose addiction was for more than one substance, in addition to opioids. This was lower than the average for England (57%) at 35%.

Plymouth has a higher proportion of new clients seeking help for alcohol than the average for England (15% per 1,000 adults) at 22% and the secondly most commonly cited substance of dependency were benzodiazepines: 38% per 1,000 adults as opposed to the average for England at 7% per 1,000.

The most commonly reported substance for which adults sought help for was alcohol then crack and then cannabis. As is common with all other areas of the UK, the vast majority of adults seek treatment for poly substance dependency. 

Unlike other parts of the UK, there is a very high percentage of adults, in Plymouth, seeking treatment for addiction who are disabled. The average for the UK is 28% per 1,000 adults, whereas in Plymouth it is 68%. 

For the reporting period of 2020-2021, 127 adults started treatment for alcohol in Plymouth. This was a lower average than for England (68% adults per 1,000) at 11%.  The area also has a higher proportion of adults with mild dependence compared to the average for England (26% for male,29% for female) at 42% and 48%, respectively. 

Statutory drug and alcohol services in Plymouth are provided by the Harbour 

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For private/fee paying clients  can access private treatment, however no one has a private centre in Plymouth. While the chains and referral agents will advertise that they have a centre in every town, hamlet and postcode in the UK, the simple, and sometimes difficult to swallow truth is, they do not.  They advertise that they do simply to get you to pick up the phone. By using serviced office services and post box addresses, often backed up by using pictures of centres from elsewhere in the UK (often without permission) . This had, in the past, led to complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority.   The reason as to why there are no  centres locally is purely down to cost. Property in Plymouth is very expensive , especially when you consider the size of the building required. It will be necessary to travel out of the area, despite what referral agents may tell you. Paul has many years experience of both referring into centres, admitting and prescribing for patients and follow up consults. 

He can advise on treatment options, location, cost and availability.

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