vIf you a loved one friend relative or employee in Nottinghamshire are struggling with addiction call and speak to an addictions clinician with three decades of clinical experience in all aspects of addiction treatment rehab and detox.

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Local estimates in the county, by local government, suggest that there could be up to 175,600 adults in Nottinghamshire who use substances to levels where they could benefit from the assistance of professional help. The research also suggests that 12,800 are dependent on illegal drugs. 

These figures, published in 2022, suggested that up to 63% of those in the county who use crack cocaine and opioids are between the ages of 35-64 and that this number accounts for 81% of those accessing treatment with community services. These figures would indicate significant unmet need within the opioid and crack cocaine using cohort among those aged under 35.

The report shows that, for those aged between 15-24 using crack cocaine and/or opioids, up to 93% are not accessing treatment and that the cohort with the most significant drug use are the 16-19 year old and 20-24 year old groups. 

Figures released in 2022 state that drug death rates, within the county, are the highest for three decades. Indeed, there were 100 deaths, in 2021, due to drug poisoning. This was a rise from 72 in 2020 and, sadly, the highest since records began in 1993. Then, there were only 33. 

Community drug and alcohol services in the county are provided by two services: 

For the city centre clients are served by Nottingham Recovery Network 


Tel: 0800 066 5362

 73 Hounds Gate, Nottingham NG1 6BB.

For countywide services:

Unit 2 & 3 Sherwood Court
Sherwood Street
Mansfield NG18 1ER

Ground Floor, Crown House
Newcastle Avenue
Worksop S80 1ET

Under One Roof
3A Vine Terrace
Hucknall NG15 7HN 

For fee paying clients, Nottinghamshire is well served by private centres (both low cost and high end) and is also very well situated for those wishing to have treatment out of area as there are a number of centres within a short travelling distance and considerable savings can be made. 

Call and speak to Paul. In addition to his three decades of clinical experience in the field of addictions, for the past few years, he has referred hundreds of patients directly into centres and has worked, as a locum clinician, at a number of centres admitting and prescribing for patients undertaking a detox. 

Nottingham Recovery Network

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Free Rehab Advice exists to provide free and independent advice to those seeking admission to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. 

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