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Between  2019 to 2020  Liverpool had a total of 2,366 new clients approaching community drug and alcohol services for support with addiction and/or problematic drug and alcohol use. 17% of this cohort (408) were adults whose children lived at home. Alarmingly. alcohol related deaths soared in the the city, especially around the time of the SARS-2/COVID-19 pandemic. 

The St Helen’s area experienced the most hospitalization due to drug abuse with 230 admissions per 100,000 among adults aged between 15-24. There were  60 deaths, city wide, in 2022 from drug and alcohol use. As a whole, the city of Liverpool has the highest rate of drug offences for any UK local authority, though it is starting to, slowly, level out. 

For the city of Liverpool, statutory drug and alcohol services are provided by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust . They are commissioned, by the local authority, to provide a full range of services to local residents including opioid substitution therapy. For the city centre, services are provided by With You who provide an identical service. 

With you: 

The Foundry

36 Henry Street


L1 5BS

Phone: 0151 706 7888


Mersey care: 

Orphan Drive, Tuebrook, Liverpool, L6 7UN

Phone: 0151 330 8260


For fee paying clients, there are locally available, low cost, residential treatment centers. Clients

are advised not to use We Do Recover and We Can Recover as neither have CQC registration. 

While both were closed down after enforcement action, and a successful prosecution, they are

still advertising with We Can Recover stating it has registration, which is does not. 

Private outpatient treatment is also available as are local specialist drug and alcohol therapists. Please

call Paul to discuss your specific needs. 


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