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Between 2011 and 2020 there was a rise in the number of drug related deaths from 102 in 2011 to 218 in 2020. While this number fell in 2021 to 2012 the figures are of serious concern. Similarly, the number of deaths attributed to drug misuse also increased from 61 in 2011 to 174 in 2021. 

Young people, between the ages of 25-34 and 35-44 are, sadly, the largest proportion of these figures: 50% and 64%, respectively. 

Opioids were mentioned on death certificated 126 times on the 212 drug related deaths registered in 2021. This is 59.4%. Heroin remained the most common opioid concerned. Behind that, benzodiazepines were mentioned on 111 death certificates, up from 100 in 2020. Another rising trend are deaths related to pregabalin which first came to notice in 2013. 

When pregabalin first started to be recorded as contributing towards a drug related death (in 2016) there were nine instances. This rose to 77 in 2019.  Cocaine still presents significant problems with 32  related deaths in 2020.

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For fee paying/private clients, there are no private centres in the North of Ireland. The large chains and referral agencies will tell you that there are, they will even have pictures of these (non-existent) centres on their websites which, if you look closely, are either stock pictures or lifted from centre websites from UK sites. Yes, they advertise that they have these centres. This is, simply, so you pick up the phone and call in. While it is an uncomfortable fact that these centres do not exist, it is actually very straightforward to access treatment from N.Ireland. There are a multitude of centres that can be very easily reached from N.Ireland. Sure, there are centres in the South of Ireland but they will cost you at least 400% more than centres on the mainland (UK).  Centres in Eire cost, at least 28,000 Euros a month when you can access a months treatment for a quarter of that in England. Both low cost, and high end, centres are very easy to reach from Lisburn. Centres can arrange to meet clients at the airport/ferry port. 

Call Paul to discus your needs in total confidence. He can advise on treatment

options, locations, availability and cost.

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