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The 2021-2025 drug strategy for the county recognizes that there is very significant demand for illicit drugs with an estimated 40,809 adults, between 16-59,  as the using cohort. A large proportion are dependent on cannabis or find their use problematic. 

Researchers, when compiling the strategy, found that there were some areas of higher density use than other parts of the county, which are known as “hot spots” :

* Lincoln 

* Boston

* Skegness

* Grantham 

In 2020, there was a 13% increase in drug and alcohol related deaths within the county and 210 adults were admitted to hospital due to drug and/or alcohol poisoning. This was an increase of 23.5% on the previous year.  In 2021, there were 2151 adults, over the age of 18, in treatment with local statutory services. 

Local statutory services are provided by  With You

The New Avenue

26-30 Newland



Tel: 01522 305518 


For those seeking private residential and/or outpatient treatment: It is available within the county. To discuss opitons and to get an indication of cost, please call Paul. 


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Free Rehab Advice exists to provide free and independent advice to those seeking admission to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. 

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