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Fife has a rate of 322.07 per 100,000 population of admissions related to drugs while the Scotland-wide figure was 282.24. In 2020, alone, there were 65 drug related deaths registered for Fife which was a reduction on the figure of 81 from 2019.  Over a ten year period, drug related deaths have increased by over 86% with males being accountable for 82% of these figures. Female drug related deaths dropped by 59% since 2019 (29) 

In the Fife area, the 35-44 year old age group represented the cohort with the highest drug death figures with the average age being 28.  As is common with other parts of Scotland, the majority of Fife’s drug related deaths occur in areas of significant deprivation with heroin, benzodiazepines and gabapentinoids remaining the drugs of highest prevalence in drug related deaths where toxicological testing was carried out. 

97% of deaths, where toxicological testing was conducted, were shown to have been related to opioids and 78% to benzodiazepines. Less than 5% had only one substance. Indeed, the average number of substances present was six. 

As a region, Fife has the highest percentage of any prescribed/illicit opioid, gabapentinoid and benzodiazepine related drug deaths in cases where toxicological testing was carried out. Cocaine also played a part with 29% of deaths in 2020 having cocaine dependency/use attributed to the death.  68% of all drug related drug deaths in Fife, during the financial year 2019-2020 were of adults not in treatment at the time of death. 

Statutory drug and alcohol services in Dunfermline and Fyfe

are provided by NHS Fyfe at three main locations: 

Whytemans Brae Hospital,
Whyteman’s Brae,

Cameron Hospital,
Cameron Road,

Lynebank Hospital,
Halbeath Road,
KY11 8JH

 Web: nhsfife.org/services/all-services/addiction-services/

For fee paying/private clients, there are centres in Scotland that can provide residential treatment for clients dependent on all types of drug and alcohol. Due to the location of centres in Scotland, and the costs involved, it can be more cost effective to travel to England to receive care, even when costing in travel to and from.  The further north you go in Scotland, the more difficult it becomes to access affordable care. While the big chains and referrals agencies will try and convince you that they have a centre in every town: they do not. What they do is post pictures of centres (usually without permission) making false claims that they have a centre near you. They do this in an attempt to get you to pick up the phone. 

Paul has many years experience of placing clients into private centres in Scotland. He can advise on location, costings, availability and treatment plans. Call and speak to him in total confidence for free and impartial advice. 

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