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Public Health England published some statistics on drug and alcohol misuse for Derby in 2020. During this time, here were 946 new patients seeking treatment from statutory services. Of concern is that 23% of this cohort, some 218 patients, were either parents or had a person under the age of 18 , living with them.

 Office for National Statistic figures show there were 31 drug poisoning deaths in Derby in 2022 – up from 26 the year before and the highest on record.  For 2022 there was a record number of drug-related deaths in Derby   new figures show.

It comes as drug deaths in England and Wales hit a record high, with health and social care provider Turning Point calling for further investment in addiction services. 

Statutory drug and alcohol services in Derby, commissioned by the 

local council, were retendered to the NHS in March 2023 for another

three years. Some of the services are further contracted out to a 

charity: Phoenix Futures 

A drop in service is based at:

St Andrews House,
201 London Road,
Derby DE1 2TZ


Victoria House 
24-28 St Peters Churchyard
Derby DE1 1NN

Some services are also based at Halliday House on Wilson Street. The service is for adults in the Derby area who wish to address issues arising from the use of drugs or alcohol. This can include binge drinking and recreational drug use as well as physical or psychological alcohol or drug dependence. 

Tel: 0300 790 0265 

For fee paying clients, there are treatment centres close to Derby. Costs are lower than other parts of the country and will admit clients from seven days, upwards (where clinically appropriate).  There is also a dedicated outpaients clinic clse to Derby , call Paul to discuss.


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