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Recent statistics on the prevalence of drug and alcohol use in Cheshire are not available. However, the last set of statistics released by the local council in Cheshire in 2018. The information contained within their report indicates that, during the financial year 2017-2018, there were 15,629 adults (over 18’s) in Cheshire who had consumed illicit drugs over the year, in the county. Within the more densely populated areas of Cheshire West and Chester there were 1,485 adults in treatment for addiction. 

Over that financial year there were 9,564 syringe exchange episodes which indicate a prevalence of intravenous opioid use as well as psychoactive drug dependency. Sadly, 38 people had a recorded cause of death attributed to illicit drug use over that period and over 3,700 thefts occurred that were also attributed to drug use.

Nationally, up to one third of adults, aged between 16 to 59, take illicit drugs at one point in their lifetime. Breaking this done, according to population figures, this would forecast that 65,119 people in Cheshire will take drugs, at least once, within the last year. For those aged 16-24, figure would be higher.  

 There are an estimated 1,619 people aged 15-64 in Cheshire West and Chester who are opiate/crack users. 1,215 are opiate users and 736 are crack users. Of these, 480 are injecting substances. During the financial year of 2016-2017 there were 1,485 people who were in active treatment for drug and alcohol dependency in Cheshire. Of this number, 830 were for opioids and 92 for non opioids as well as 98 for alcohol/non-opioids. 

This figures demonstrate that use has been falling based on previous figures produced by the council. Indeed, Cheshire has a higher than national average for population groups in active treatment. 

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