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Drug death rates in Wales are at their highest ever levels, according to information from public health Wales. Deaths have increased by 78% over the last 10 years.  Within the report it is clear that Wales also has much work to do in reducing the number of deaths from recreational drug use as well as a rise in deaths involving cocaine, amphetamines and MDMA: Accounting for 14% of all drug related deaths. Of serious concern is that the most affected age group are young people in their 20’s. 

For a third of all drug related deaths, there had been no contact between the deceased and any local drug and alcohol services, social care agencies or criminal justice services in a 12 month period before the death.  Currently, in Wales, there is a rate of 72 deaths per one million of the population. Sadly this means that Wales has the second highest rates of drug misuse deaths in England and Wales. 

In Wales 45% of men and 34% of women have indicated that there alcohol intake is in excess of Welsh government guidelines.  As such, alcohol is the cause of over 1,500 deaths a year in Wales which is a cost of over £1 billion to the local economy.  It is estimated that 14% of adults in Wales have been exposed to alcohol misuse during their childhood and that by reducing adverse childhood experiences the level of dependent drinking can be reduced by 35%. 

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Private treatment in Cardiff  is available in a dedicated centre and, where clinically appropriate (and space is available), the same day. However, unlike England, there are fewer private centres than there are, pro rata to the size of the country and population. It can sometimes be quicker to access treatment in England for other areas of Wales , though the centres in Wales are less costly than the majority of the centres in the UK. 

The clinic chains, and referral agents, will advertise that they have centres all over the UK: A centre in every city, town and postcode in the UK. The simply truth is: They don’t. By using post-box addresses and serviced office reception services. They do this in order to get you to pick up the phone. Referral agents often use images of clinics that they lift off websites and purport to own the centres. There are, in fact, only a very few actual clinic chains. 

Paul is an addictions clinician with three decades of direct clinical experience. He has worked, for several years, referring patients directly into private centres and has excellent relationships with admissions teams at all the major centres in the UK as well as working as an admitting/prescribing clinician in several centres. 

All enquiries are treated in the strictest of medical confidence and advice is given without charge and impartially. Paul can advise on treatment options, location, cost and availability. 


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