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In a four year period , between 2016 and 2020, Aberdeen had the 9th highest drug related death of any local authority in Scotland.   Figures released show that, in 2021, there were 62 drug related deaths in Aberdeen: This was a uncomfortable new record for the city. For Moray, deaths rose from 10 to 17 in 2018. 

In 2021, there were 1,330 deaths registered by the coroner, as being due to drug misuse. This was a reduction of nine from the year before.  While this is welcomed, this was only a 1% reduction and these figures were the second highest drug misuse death figures since records began. 

Police Scotland , in their policing plan for Aberdeen, want to see a reduction in drug deaths by 2026. The average for Scotland is 0.16 deaths per 1,000 of the adult population whereas for Aberdeen it is 0.21. Police Scotland also aim to reduce the incidence of fatal drug overdose through increasing the distribution of Naloxone by 10%.

Statutory services , in Aberdeen, are provided by NHS Grampian on  an appointment only basis. They  offers assessment, treatment, care-planning and support. This service can be accessed only by referral through your GP or other hospital services.

Tel: 0500 20 20 30

Email: Healthpoint@nhs.net

Web: nhsgrampian.org/

Private centres and treatment are available in Scotland. However, there are not many and the more north you get, the most costly it becomes and the more difficult it is to access treatment. The big chains and referral sites will tell you that there are centres all over Scotland: This is not the case. They advertise that they have centres, all over Scotland, so that you will pick up the phone. The truth is that there are very few private centres in Scotland and they mostly deal with alcohol and non-opioid drug dependency : though admission for opioids is possible. 

Centres in Scotland tend to be more costly than those in England and Wales. It may be more cost effective to receive care out of area, even when costing in transport: to and from.  Paul has many years experience referring clients into private rehabs and can advise you on the most appropriate location, costings, and availability. 

Call and speak to Paul, in total confidence, on all aspects of addiction, treatment, detox and rehab in Aberdeen. He can advise you on costings, location and treatment options. 


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