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Data from the Southampton data observatory was last published in 2019.  The figures were prefaced with some specifics relating to the area which impacts on the figures for drug and alcohol use. Southampton is a port city and they tend to have higher drug and alcohol use rates than more rural areas.  Furthermore, there is a higher number of men, than women, in the area which also tends to increase use figures. In addition, there is a higher proportion of private renters in the area and national statistics show that this section of the community has higher than average use figures. 

Unfortunately, admissions to hospital due to substance misuse are not numerically recorded for adults (over 24) however this cohort has had a steady increase in admission rates over the last ten years.  Between 2019 and 2021, for every 100,000 adults in Southampton, men were three times more likely to die from drug and alcohol use than women although there were fewer deaths per 100,000 than the average for England at just 5. 

In Southampton, 5.7% of deaths were directly attributed to drugs. It was estimated that 44.7% of those dependent on crack/heroin (or both) were not seeking treatment during the financial year 2020-2021. This indicates a very high level of unmet need.  5 in every 1000 adults were in treatment for drug/alcohol dependency which is higher than the average for the rest of England at 4 in 1,000. During 2021, for those using crack alone, 41.5% of those in treatment completed their treatment programs and did not re-present to services within six months.  There was a steep increase from 28.9% to 34.3% for those seeking opioid treatment with 4.6% completing treatment. 

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For fee paying/private clients, Southampton is not the best served area for private rehab centres. A short journey will enable you to access both low cost and luxury centres. The further a client is prepared to travel, the lower the price point that can be achieved. Private outpatient and drug/alcohol focused therapists are also available. Call Paul to have a wholly confidential conversation around your needs, treatment options, preferences and treatment goals. 


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