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For the financial year 2021-2022 there were a toral of 3,092 clients recorded on the database for substance misuse services in N. requiring help. 1,143 of these adults required help for alcohol , which equated to 37% with another 32.5% requiring help for drugs only, leaving the remaining 30.6% (945) clients seeking help for both drugs and alcohol. 

​The vast majority of those seeking help were men with women representing 27% of clients for drugs and drugs and alcohol. However, women made up a fifth of the clients seeking help for alcohol only. at 41.8%. 

Two fifths of those seeking help were aged between 26-39. 40.4% asked for help with drug and alcohol use and 43.6% for just alcohol.  Cannabis was the most commonly used drug , with 62% of those reporting drug use saying they had issues with cannabis, followed by cocaine (49.4%0, benzodiazepines (23.9%0 and pregabalin (16.7%) 

10.7% of clients reported they were injecting drugs with 24% saying they had shared drug injecting equipment. 57.6% reported they were using drugs everyday and 42.7% reported daily dependency on alcohol. 

Statutory drug and alcohol services in Newry are provided

by Southern Health and Social Care Trust at:

Daisy Hill Hospital

5 Hospital Road
BT35 8DR

Referrals go through your GP

For fee paying/private clients, while there is a private alcohol rehab centre in Newry: it can not provide detox services. The large chains and referral agencies advertise that they have centres in Newry, and elsewhere in N.Ireland: They do not. There are no private detox/rehab centres in N.Ireland. They will use images of centres, based in the UK (often without permission) to try and encourage you to pick up the phone. Sure, it is inconvenient that there are no private centres in the North, but it is a fact that the sector continues to workaround. While there are centres in the South, they are exorbitantly priced compared to  centres in the UK, usually four times the price. 

Accessing both low cost, and high end, centres from the North (on the mainland) is very straightforward. Paul has referred many patients from N.Ireland into UK based centres. Often, the centres will arrange for someone to meet you at the airport/ferry port. 

Call and speak to Paul in total confidence. He can advise on treatment options, availability, location and cost. 

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Free Rehab Advice exists to provide free and independent advice to those seeking admission to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. 

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