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The number of deaths attributed by the coroner to drug misuse/dependency is at an all-time high in Devon, with Exeter seeing the brunt of the problem. The Office of National Statistics shows that in 2019, there were 69 related deaths with 17 in Torbay and 33 in Plymouth. Worryingly, the number of drug-related deaths has more than doubled in many areas, especially Exeter and Torbay.  These were the highest to date since figures began to be correlated in 1993.

In 2021, the numbers were far higher with 125 deaths attributed to drug use This was a rise from 112 in 2020.  Among this figure 75 were directly related to drug misuse. This means that the cause of death was recorded by the coroner as directly being caused by using illegal drugs. 

Public Health Devon believes that there are 118,600 adults, in Devon, whose drinking is at a level that could potentially cause harm whereas 25,800 are already over that threshold. Over 17,500 adults are admitted to hospitals in Devon, yearly, due to alcohol with over 1,200 ambulance call-outs. There are 1,600 adults in treatment for alcohol in Devon with over 200 deaths a year being recorded as due to alcohol. Over 150,000 working days are lost, every year, in Devon due to alcohol and 3,800 crimes. 

Local statutory drug and alcohol services are provided 

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Woodcock Court,
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Weymouth Coffee Tavern,
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For private/fee-paying clients it will be necessary to travel. Despite claims made the large chains and referral agencies, there are no private centres in Devon. They will advertise that there are: Trust me, there aren’t any. They do this simply to get you to pick up the phone to them.  Paul can advise you on where to go, how much it costs, and the most appropriate, and cost-effective, treatment center. 


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